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Manchester Brewing Co. is the result of two friends . . . chatting beer . . . and drinking beer . . . and chatting beer . . . ad infinitum . . .

Having met whilst *trying* to sell whisky to the Sassenachs, Paul and Andy soon discovered they had a shared love that would shape the course of the coming years . . . Flight Of The Conchords!

Oh, and they also loved beer . . .

Inspired by all the fantastic breweries in the UK and across the globe doing such exciting things with beer, they set upon putting their own stamp on the brewing world.

Operating on an 8 barrel set up on the east side of the city in Ardwick, the aim of Manchester Brewing Co. is to make traditionally modern beers. Using the strong and rich heritage that the UK has in brewing as a base, Paul and Andy can then explore how these traditions can be modernised by looking at the developments at the forefront of brewing around the world.

Ultimately though, it’s all about making a decent pint . . . cheers!

Our current selection of ales and beers…


Factory – Pale Ale


Factory is our flagship beer, named in dual homage to the mills that made the city great and the record company that made us dance – straw-coloured, and intensely bitter (as all good Mancunian pale ales should be), we’ve brought it bang up to date with an exclusively NZ hop roster – Waimea and Rakau – to add a touch of tropical fruit.


Cut Like A Buffalo – American Pale Ale

I walk like a woman, but I . . . CUT LIKE A BUFFALO!”

Why did we name our APA after a Dead Weather track? Because it’s a banging track, that’s why! A whole heap of Centennial and Cascade hops over a caramel-sweet, golden malt base, “Buffalo” is a grapefruit marmalade of a beer . . . not for those with a fear of hops!

King Cotton – Best Bitter

Manchester has been called a few things over the years . . . during the boom years when it was the centre of the textile industry, it was colloquially referred to as King Cotton. Our King is a chestnut brown, malt-driven Best, lightened with Waimea and Cascade hops for some citrussy freshness.

Pick Me Up – Coffee Porter

Tiramisu means Pick Me Up in Italian. Our Pick Me Up has two hefty additions of freshly ground coffee – one in the mash, one in the kettle. Over our easy going, laidback porter, this is a very moreish and surprisingly light black beer.


Mad Carew – IPA

“He was known as “Mad Carew” by the subs at Khatmandu,
He was hotter than they felt inclined to tell;
But for all his foolish pranks, he was worshipped in the ranks,
And the Colonel’s daughter smiled on him as well”

From The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God – Poem by John Milton Hayes

John Milton Hayes hails from Ardwick, the home of Manchester Brewing Co.

Our Mad Carew is a Simcoe and Mosaic hop bomb . . . dry hopped to a ratio of 15g/lt, this is not a shy one!

Some Might Say – Session IPA

Some might say “session IPA”, some might say “hoppy pale ale” . . . whatever your preferred nomenclature, this beer is stuffed to the gunnels with the American hop, Simcoe, for some big pine and tropical fruit flavour and aroma, but at a more sessionable strength.

Whats new….

Come to our open open weekend 23-25th June 2017!

Kerry Mellor
Kerry Mellor

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